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Choose from a number of features to incorporate into your applications.

  • Create a loyalty card

    Loyalty Card

    Create one or more loyalty programs and begin gathering information on your clients in just a few clicks.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Send messages directly to your clients' mobile devices. You can easily target your clients. It’s simple and unlimited.

  • Build Mobile Social Gaming

    Social Gaming

    Challenge your clients and improve their purchase frequency.

  • Discounts


    Get your sales rolling with simple, fully configurable discounts.

  • News Wall

    News Wall

    Share all your latest news with your clients and get their feedback and suggestions.

  • RSS Feed mobile app


    Integrate content from your blog or other sites, directly into your application.

  • More

    Reseller dedicated!

    We’ve built an app maker just for you. We’re reseller focus and we build features you need to create effective mobile apps :

    • White label admin panel on your domain
    • CNAME for mobile website address
    • Pricing adapted for your quote

  • Which Mobile app platforms

    For which businesses?

    Tiger is made for building efficient marketing mobile apps for local and small businesses: restaurant, bar, hotel, music band, etc. all can get efficient mobile apps now!

How to create your health and beauty center mobile app?

When you have a health and beauty, or esthetic center, you know what client relationship means. Because you're closed to your clients you have a particular contact with them. But what about this relationship when they are not in your shop? A mobile app for your beauty center is a great way to maintain this relationship and make it stronger.

Bringing tools to your clients through a mobile application

With Tiger app creator you will be able to help your clients by giving them great tools to simplify their life. For example, the booking feature in your app enable them to book an appointement in your center without calling. Why people prefer a mobile app or a mobile website to book an appointement rather than make a call? because it's simplier than find an dial your number, they don't risk to be put on hold, etc. And because Tiger app creator enables you to have an iPhone app, an Android application and a mobile website for your beauty or esthetic center, you are sure to deliver the good way to all your clients. By the way, thanks to that feature, you keep a good client's relation in your center too: when your clients book from your mobile app, they don't call so you don't have to let alone the client you are in charge of to answer to a call.

How an iPhone application, an android app or a mobile website can increase your turnover

Thanks to your mobile app your beauty center can increase its turnover. Of course more satisfied clients will ensure you a better frequency of consumption in your center. Moreover and thanks to the social media features in your mobile app, you give your clients a good tool to talk about your beauty center to their network. A client network is made of about 130 friends, it is as many potential clients for your center.