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Create effective, white-label apps for small business. No technical knowledge needed.

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Choose from a number of features to incorporate into your applications.

  • Create a loyalty card

    Loyalty Card

    Create one or more loyalty programs and begin gathering information on your clients in just a few clicks.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Send messages directly to your clients' mobile devices. You can easily target your clients. It’s simple and unlimited.

  • Build Mobile Social Gaming

    Social Gaming

    Challenge your clients and improve their purchase frequency.

  • Discounts


    Get your sales rolling with simple, fully configurable discounts.

  • News Wall

    News Wall

    Share all your latest news with your clients and get their feedback and suggestions.

  • RSS Feed mobile app


    Integrate content from your blog or other sites, directly into your application.

  • More

    Reseller dedicated!

    We’ve built an app maker just for you. We’re reseller focus and we build features you need to create effective mobile apps :

    • White label admin panel on your domain
    • CNAME for mobile website address
    • Pricing adapted for your quote

  • Which Mobile app platforms

    For which businesses?

    Tiger is made for building efficient marketing mobile apps for local and small businesses: restaurant, bar, hotel, music band, etc. all can get efficient mobile apps now!

Tiger App Creator tool to build Apps for Small Businesses

The number of mobile apps rocketed the last years. All the big companies developed their own to reach new customers and to keep their old ones. Why did they developed apps? Because apps are a fantastic marketing and commercial tool. Thanks to mobile applications, companies are all the time in their client pockets.

Here was the review we made:

  • Mobile apps are a fantastic marketing tool
  • Mobile Apps are very Expensive
  • Mobile Apps suit perfectly to Small Businesses
  • Small Businesses do not have enough money to buy a mobile app development

Thus, we needed to develop a tool that enables small businesses to have their own app. And we did it. Tiger App Creator is perfect for developing Mobile Applications for Small Businesses.

Mobile Apps for small business

Why small businesses need a mobile app?

  • More than 50% of the population has a smartphone.
  • 47% of consumers use their smartphone to find informations about local businesses.
  • 80% of smartphone users prefer local advertising, such as Push Notifications.
  • Be all the time in their customer pockets.
  • Advantage over the comptetion
  • Enable to increase the purchase frequency
  • ...

Which business need a mobile app?

The mobile application market is booming. 50% of the population has a mobile application and this figure reached 70% in urban areas. Above all the smartphone users 70% of them use their smartphone every days to do local researches on the Internet. Thus, a mobile application is a perfect tool for local business owners and small companies that want to have a direct link with their clients. In selling a mobile application to a retailer you give him an incredible marketing and commercial tool for setting up loyalty systems, for increasing the fame of his store and for creating a friendly-environment. In addition, mobile applications are very flexible and enable every businesses to find a commercial or marketing advantage in using an app.

Why local business owners need an application ?

Tiger offers you a various amount of features that each have different marketing or commercial advantages.

  • Loyalty Card: numerical loylaty card, that enables to collect datas each time a client is buying something.
  • Contest: this a competition between all the clients of a business based on the purchase.
  • Form: this feature is very flexible and enables to create all the form you want.
  • Booking: enables the clients to schedule an appointement with the manager of the business, or to book a table in a restaurant...
  • Coupon: commercial tool that prompt clients to visit the store and to pruchase items.
  • Products: enables clients to have all the time the product catalogue of the shop in their pocket.
  • Set Meal: a feature designed for restaurant owner and that enables to create set meals.
  • Contact: enables to gather all the information needed to contact the business (phone, email, twitter, facebook, website...)
  • Videos: enables to share with users all the videos the business owner like or made of his business.
  • ...

This is only a few features available on Tiger. To see all the features availabled on Tiger create an account for free.

Why is Tiger perfect for creating apps for businesses ?

Tiger App Creator is a white-label platform for building mobile applications without technical knowledge.

What does it mean ? It means that Tiger App Creator enables you to build mobile apps easily. With this building platform you don't need to have informatic skills. You just have to follow the creation process in adding the information you want in your app and it's done ! In addition you don't have only one app, because Tiger App Creator is an inteligent platform. When you build your app, Tiger creates an iPhone version, an Android Version and a Web Mobile version. In that way you just have to build your application once and it's done. Is that not comforting ?

What is a white-label program ? Tiger App Creator is a full white-label platform, it means that this platform is dedicated to resellers and agencies. Tiger App Creator enables you to start a reseller activity or to broaden your product range. You can build mobile applications for your clients in your own name and then we offer a whitelabel admin panel on your own domain to allow your clients to manage their apps whenever they want without knowing about us.

What features can I create with Tiger ?

Tiger is a very flexible platform; it means that they developed some features you can add to your application right now, but if you have some specific needs or suggestions they would be glad to interact with you. Right now, there are 20 features on Tiger such as News, Discount, Loyalty Card, Produtcs... If you want to know more about these features visit our support page, you will find all the information you need. Support

How does it cost ?

Tiger App Creator has done a fair price. You can create you application for free, you don't have to pay for a suscription. You will just have to pay a 120 € creation fee when you would like to publish your application. They did a one time fee, you will not be charged every month, only at the moment your app is fine and you want to publish it. Then, you will to pay hosting costs of $5/mo, but there is no engagement, you can stop it whenever you want.