Wondering how it works?
It's dead simple!
No coding's involved.

Tiger lets you build great mobile applications for small businesses, and in white label: no Tiger mentions, your custom admin panel on your domain.

1. Create

With no technical knowledge and in a matter of minutes.


Choose from an array of added-value features and customize your design. That's all! It's as simple as that.

2. Publish

We take care of submitting the application for you.


We submit for you your application on AppStore and Google Play. You are then free to manage and update your application whenever you like.

3. Distribute

...To your clients and your clients' clients!


You'll find everything you need to promote your applications: QR Codes, A5 posters and POS advertising, all ready to print.


Here are a few of the mobile features we offer, tailor made for small businesses.

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  • News Wall

    News Wall

  • Listings


  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

  • Video Gallery

    Video Gallery

  • Loyalty Card

    Loyalty Card

  • Discounts


  • Social Gaming

    Social Gaming

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

Why use Tiger

A platform specifically for resellers

Tiger app creator is the first platform specifically intended for resellers who wish to create and sell mobile solutions for small businesses. Tiger is designed for individuals, advertising agencies and freelancers.

Effective Features

We work with a panel of small and local businesses, and we develop our features according to their needs. You can be sure of the success of your future mobile apps, as they are subject to hands-on tests.

We make life easier

With Tiger, you don't need to understand a single line of code to create a full-fledged mobile application. No need to worry about the ins and outs of submission and certificates generation. We handle all that for you.